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Coaching for Young Adults

A life coach can help young adults gain clarity and direction.

Young adults are under an immense amount of pressure to meet expectations — their parents’ expectations, friends’ expectations, society’s expectations, and yes, their own, too. Sure, for some people, the path is obvious. But for most young adults, it’s not clear. It’s downright confusing!

That’s where a life coach can be life-changing. A life coach who specializes in mentoring high school students and mentoring college students can help young adults gain clarity of purpose and direction when the pressure to conform is immense.

Ask Yourself These Questions

  • “Do you feel like your child is stuck and not sure what to do?”
  • “Has your child expressed any anxiousness about their future, what to study or what career to head for?”
  • “Does your child feel like they don’t quite fit in?”
  • “Does your child feel like you just don’t get them?

If you answered yes to any of these, call Jim at Right Connections today at 612-597-3486 for a free initial consultation.

Mentoring High School Students, Mentoring College Students

Life coaching is different from counseling. It’s more like mentoring for high school or college students.

Through coaching sessions, we help young adults:

  • Assess their strengths, preferences, motivators, and attitudes
  • Clarify their vision for themselves and their future
  • Emphasize their unique talents
  • Make better choices
  • Gain confidence through understanding themselves

Empower your child with the knowledge they need to succeed. Make an appointment today for a free initial consultation to see if life coaching or mentoring is a good fit.

Learn more about life coach Jim Carr and Right Connections.

Jim has the unique ability to connect with young adults. The foundations for success program works with developing young people to find the right path in life, personally and professionally. I highly recommend Jim for your young adult to assess their own strengths and weaknesses and steer them on their best pathway for life.” – parent of a young adult son

Parent of a young adult son

Mentoring can make a big difference in your students’ happiness and self-esteem. Once young adults understand their true potential and uniqueness, they can forge a path in life that reflects who they are, and how they can best contribute to the world. It gives them meaning and purpose and helps them understand they aren’t alone.

Let’s begin. Call Right Connections today at 612-597-3486 for a free initial consultation.

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